We offer professional aerial photography, drone video also 360-degree, 360-degree video and virtual reality panorama productions in Switzerland or all over the world.

Convince yourself of the quality of our 360° digital content of movies and virtual tours (3D) and let our work inspire you. 

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The modern visual communication calls for efficient ways of presenting content. Avocado360 ensures that these content of 360° Video & Panorama, Hyper-lapse, Time-lapse and aerial work on different platforms at there highest requirements.

360° Video & Panorama productions for multiple gadgets like computers, phones, VR goggles

360° Video & Panorama are particularly suited for interiors, corporate videos, landscape and a lot more to present on the Internet.


Architecture, interior and hospitality photos in highest quality for print and web.


360° Ticketing is an application, which makes it for the user possible, in each section of a stadium or a concert hall virtually to „sits down “, in order to look around in a 360 degree panorama.


360°panorama tour of your business on Google. We integrate the panoramas and photos we’ve done for you in the Business View and Google Maps.


If 360° or normal we are experienced to deliver you a video in highest quality.


Nothing is better suited to film or photograph your hotel, factory, home or other property as 360° Video or Panorama to present to your guests or customers optimally.


Simply individualize | Simple to use.


The Ateo VR Player for 360 ° Videos and Panoramas on the Gear VR

Due to the simple control, this app is suitable for VR newcomers. The user can control the app only by the view and additionally by the Back-Button back to the main menu. The kiosk mode of this VR player limits the rights of the user. The touchpad of the Gear VR cannot be operated while using the app. This prevents the user from starting other services. This kiosk mode is suitable for use on trade fares, museums or at events.


  • VR Player for 360° Videos and 360° Photo panoramas
  • Supports a resolution up to 4K
  • Individual branding of the App
  • Ad your own Soundfiles
  • Simple Gaze-control of the App
  • Kiosk-Modus
  • For Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 and S8
Der Ateo VR Player für 360°- Videos und Fotos auf der Gear VR
Der Ateo VR Player für 360°- Videos und Fotos auf der Gear VR
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360° ticketing or 3d ticketing for stadiums is an application that allows the user to virtually look around in every bookable aeria at the venue. The user can see before the ticket purchase, the view of the playing field or the stage in a 360° panorama from each block, no expensive individual tours any more!

Our clients


additional added value

"The 360-degree panoramas have upgraded the EVZ website in several ways. On the one hand to support us on the sale for our hospitality platforms. On the other hand with the help of the 360 degree tour and interactive "Wall of Fame" to ad attractive values for the EVZ fans which brings a special experience to the BOSSARD Arena to explore.
Marco Baumann
Marketing & Sales Manager EVZ

360°images of each section

" Thank's avocado360 we are one of the first Swiss ice hockey stadium with 360-degree panoramic images of each ticket sector . This platform supports our customers in the seating and makes a visit at the BOSSARD Arena an unforgettable experience. "
Benno Ehrler
Ticketing Manager EVZ

successful collaboration with avocado360

" Thanks to the 360 ° panorama photos guests can experience the KKL Luzern with its unique architecture from around the world already from home . The successful result of collaboration with avocado360 has for us a long-term benefit because we can use the virtual tours in various channels."
Andreas Roth
Head of Marketing and Communications , KKL Luzern

demanding requests

Avocado360 convinced us with works of various other objects , the Company was able to implement our ambitious desires conceptually very quickly and competently .
Jonas Blechschmidt
Head Stadium & Catering, FC Basel 1893 AG

pleasant and professional

Cooperation with avocado360 was very pleasant and professional . We are extremely satisfied with the result and can present our customers the St. Jakob - Park perfectly with the help of the virtual stadium tour .
Stefanie Doppler
Head of Events & Conferences, FC Basel 1893 AG

Our hyperlaps corporate video

"With the Hyperlapse video we managed to bridge the gap between our clients all over the world of our premium kitchen appliances and our manufacture in Switzerland, in a modern and entertaining way. The filming included many different locations and different types of camera views and technics. The avocado360 team has put it of to our full satisfaction. »
Philip Hofmann
Head of Global Marketing Services at V-ZUG AG, Switzerland

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