360°Video - 2D Trailer

Provider of housing and living space for people who need comprehensive care and assistance, as well as operator of senior citizens’ apartments.
For the opening ceremony avocado360 produced the almost 4-minute 360° video and a 2D trailer, which was shown on a screen in the evening.
The 360° video will now be used at trade fairs and promo events as well as the 2D trailer, which is used on TV screens for various presentations and advertises the 360° video.


We fixed the 360° camera to a wheelchair which was pushed through the building by a caregiver. The virtual guest is accompanied by the director of the home.
We designed the presentation of the house as authentic as possible. When watching the video with the VR glasses, the prospective customer should get as real a picture of the house as possible, without having to walk through the rooms. It is not always possible to visit the rooms anyway, with the 360° VR video the real visit is no longer necessary.


  • 360° VR Video
  • 2D Video Trailer