FDP – Die Liberalen

360° Video - 2D Trailer - Photography

Together with the advertising agency Havas Zurich, we have created the concept and produced this 360-degree video for the Swiss political party FDP. Raising awareness with their political themes like tradition, future, sense of home, together, freedom, progress, we created strong imagery to transfer them to their audience.

We have carefully chosen all the locations to give more impact to the parameters, within which the party operates. Filming a 360° time-laps in Bundeshaus – from day to evening, the Sunniberg bridge near Klosters with its outstanding modern look, and more spots from our beautiful country.

The film is ending with an emotional message of the Party’s Leader PETRA GÖSSI on Buochsernhorn mountain, with a truly magnificent view from the pick.

The production

The 5 sequences were all produced in beautiful Switzerland. At 2 sequences a helicopter was used where we mounted our special rigg under the helicopter, at the others we flew with our big drone and the 6 GoPros on the rigg.


  • 360 degree VR Video
  • 2D Video trailer
  • Photography for there printing matters.
  • Mainly used for street presentations in public places, fairs, and party gatherings.