MSG Sphere Rendering, Las Vegas. The venue like a planet in the night in front of the skyline of the city of Las Vegas.

MSG Sphere the next IMAX ?

Do you remember your first visit to a planetarium?

If so, you probably saw a projection of the night sky, the universe with its planets and suns !

The incredible thing about the technology is that you feel like you’re actually present in another place with other people

In recent years, many planetariums have been upgraded; modern planetariums visualize with high-performance technology. For example, the planetarium at the Swiss Museum of Transport: 11 high-performance computers deliver 500 square meters of seamless images with five projectors.

It is precisely these possibilities that 360°Video & VR Tour Production Studio uses to produce immersive videos. State-of-the-art 360° cameras such as the Insta360 make it possible to film high-resolution 8K content that leaves an enormous impression under the 500 m2 projection surface. You have the feeling of being in the middle of the action, just like with VR glasses, for example from Oculus VR. The feeling of being in the middle of it, surrounded by sound and images, is something that cannot be experienced in a normal cinema.

For us, the stars, planets and suns are too far away, so we stay on Earth and try to capture the beauties, peculiarities and all the stories there are to tell and project them onto the 500m2. There are over 4000 planetariums worldwide. About 700 of them are equipped with fulldome technology, and the number is growing !!!

New York’s The Madison Square Garden Company is constructing the MSG Sphere, a first-of-its-kind performance venue. The place will be home to the world’s highest-resolution LED screen and will hold up to 20,000 spectators. The sphere is expected to be 111m tall and 157m wide at its broadest point.

MSG is promising a fully immersive experience on a large scale. Inside the venue, guests will be surrounded by the largest and highest-resolution LED screen on Earth. More than 160,000 square feet of display surface will wrap up, over and behind the stage and audience.

Every guest will hear crystal-clear audio with an advanced acoustics system that features beamforming technology, enabling audio to be directed to specific locations in the bowl at a volume that remains constant, from point of origin to destination.
Beamforming technology also enables multiple forms of content to be delivered simultaneously, which means two people sitting 5 feet apart could hear completely different sounds, adding to the possibility for a customized experience. In a business presentation environment, that means soundtracks can be beamed to specific areas in different languages without headphones while watching the same presentation.

An infrasound haptic system will use deep vibrations so that guests can “feel” an experience when there is a passing truck roaring by.