Beyond Gravity “How we do payload fairings”

Beyond Gravity, ex. Ruag Space produces fairings in Emmen for the European Space Agency ESA with its Arian and Vega rockets. To give visitors and customers an understanding of the production of the payload fairings, avocado360 planned, filmed, and provided a 360°VR video for Beyond Gravity. Furthermore, we were responsible for the voiceover in different languages and the specially composed music for the video.

The unique challenge was that the video must work for VR goggles and the presentation in a full dome cinema, i.e., a planetarium. We benefited significantly from our experience in the field of 360°VR video and full dome. There is a considerable difference between filming for the glasses and the full dome.

a illustration of the mechanism of a Payload Fairings in the space.

These payload fairings are a genuine high-tech product.
Fairings are the top of every rocket that flies into space. During the launch, they protect the satellites from cold, noise, vibration, and moisture.
They must be very light, very stable, and 100% reliable. If the separation from the rocket in space does not work, the whole mission is a failure. To ensure this does not happen, work in Emmen is as precise and reliable as possible.

For the 360° shots we used different equipment. As usual with us, we often work in parallel with several cameras, which was also the case here. We used sliders, vertical and horizontal, our boogy and the FPV drone with the 360° camera.

Play Video about sun over planet earth, seen from the space
Play Video about sun over planet earth, seen from the space
Beyond Gravity 1

A special event for the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope was organized in the Planetarium of the Swiss Museum of Transport. Beyond Gravity also built the payload fairings for this launch. The event was streamed worldwide, so the 360° video had a worldwide presence!
The video is used with the Oculus Quest glasses for the exhibition booth.