Federal Statistical Office

On 29 October 2018, the official part of the event "FSO, the national centre for statistics for 20 years in Neuchâtel" took place. For this event and others in 2019, the Avocado360 team produced various visual contents. The photographs for the print media, an intro 2D video for the opening of International Meetings and of course the main attraction, the 360°Virtual Reality interactive video for the visitors of the anniversary celebrations. The video was presented on the portable and easy-to-use Oculus Go. The visitors could determine the course of the different scenes themselves and with the support of animated graphics, the different contents were visually explained.

Intro 2D Video


To make the 360°video more comprehensible, the voice was supported by animated graphics. An element that contributes to the attractiveness of the 360°video.

BSf VR Screenshot 10
BSf VR Screenshot 08
BSf VR Screenshot 07
BSf VR Screenshot 3
BSf VR Screenshot 2
BSf VR Screenshot 2

Screenshots of the 360° Video

Use of animated graphics for explanatory support.

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