Gletscher beim Sonnenuntergang
zelte auf dem Gletscher in der nacht
gefrorene kameras
klettere schaut in den Abgrund
clatterer beim Abstieg in den Gletscher

Journey to the heart of a glacier

A multi media spectacle

Together with Tagesanzeiger, Avocado360 and Ateo produced a spectacular interactive web multi media story. To realise this web special in an unusual way we used all visual and audio technical means. An exciting text, written by Dominik Osswald, animations, illustrations that help to explain the story in detail. Avocado360 was responsible for the production of the VR 360° video, 360° photo panoramas, photography and drone flights.

"Into The Deep"

The Plaine Morte (‘dead plain’) Glacier is as untouched as its name suggests. But this winter a group of adventurers decided to go right to its heart. This in-depth exploration of what they discovered, with spectacular imagery and emotions, is the result.

360° Video

Inside the Plane Morte Glacier

Play Video about Aletsch Glacier
Idea and text:
Dominik Osswald
1st Publisher:
Tages Anzeiger
2nd Publisher:
Süd Deutsche Zeitung
Urs Wyss
NANNEN 2018, Deutscher Reporterpreis 2017
World VR Forum 2018, St.Kilda Film Festival
VR goggles, Website, App