UBS Asset Management 360VR

Through a call for tenders, Ateo, together with Avocado360, prevailed over the competitors and was awarded the contract. Implementing sustainability visually and interestingly was our challenge.
In Switzerland, there are already some sustainable projects that can be used, whether the hydroelectric plants or the collection of glass and aluminum, the return of empty batteries or the massive expansion of the railroad infrastructure; there were several themes.

The railroad with the Lötschberg tunnel was the decisive factor in producing a 360° video around the tropical house in Frutigen.

We have Different recording and camera systems. Our DJI Metrice 600 drone with 6 GoPro 4, 4 GH5 assembled to a rig, a unique lift, and a 360° underwater camera to film the fish where they live.

The 360°VR video on sustainability is used with the Oculus VR glasses at UBS Asset Management trade fairs and events.
To make more extensive use of the filmed 360° footage, we produced a 2D video from the 3d footage. It’s good to know that it’s possible to use the same footage in different formats.

Behind the scenes

underwater 360degree case includes 3x 360 wide angles cameras, sustainability

The underwater shots were a particular challenge for us. We tested different camera systems and underwater housings, but the result did not meet our quality standards.
A colleague of ours could help out, a diver with a lot of experience and a VR enthusiast. Adrian had the camera we needed. 4K per camera with three cameras in the housing resulted in a stitched file of 5.6K, which is more than enough for the Oculus.

Urs Wyss
DOP | Dron:
Christian Mülhauser
VR Video | 2D Video | Vertical 2D Trailer