V-ZUG corporate hyperlapse

V-Zug swiss household appliances

For decades, V-ZUG AG has been using established ingredients and values ​​such as quality, precision, innovative power, customer orientation, and a great deal of Swiss engineering. These values ​​are also part of marketing, especially since innovation is in demand! The Avocado360 team has proposed a rather unusual solution for implementing this corporate film. V-Zug with Philipp Hofmann as head of Global Marketing Services has given us the OK to use the technic of time- and hyper-lapse.

V-Zug’s opening of its new showroom in Hong Kong was the catalyst for the production of this video. One trip to Hong Kong and 45,000 photos later, the video was shown on a big screen at their fairs and is available at the showrooms and on YouTube.

Urs Wyss @Avocado360
Christian Mülhauser @Avocado360
Anush Amirkhanian @Avocado360
Michael Gertschen