Schmidlin AG, a new brand appearance for 2018

Schmidlin produces high-quality baths and shower trays, shower surfaces, sinks and whirlpool systems in Switzerland. The products consist of second natural raw materials, steel and enamel. The high-quality titanium steel is pressed into the desired shape with modern production equipment. Enamel is a molten glass. Skillfully connected, the perfect liaison of steel and enamel emerges glazed titanium steel.

To explain the production, new photos and a new film were produced. In cooperation with the design agency VETICA Lucerne and Avocado360, the new ideas for the catalog and film were created.Webseite Schmidlin We are particularly proud of the successful image film. All the more, the most important requirements were skillfully implemented so that the film is entertaining and informative.

Agency: VETICA | Director: Urs Wyss | Camera and Editing: Stefan Hänni