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Our 360° video production is at the heart of Avocado360 and a fundamental part of our studio’s heritage. Pioneers in live-action filming, our studio has full in-house capabilities, including story development, pre-production, VR direction, cinematography, camera operation, binaural sound recording, post-production and distribution of the final video. Our specialist crew, who have been with us since the early days of 360VR, continue to advance the field through continuous learning and innovation. Their expertise and dedication ensure that every project benefits from the latest techniques and technologies.

LeadingLeading the Industry in 360°360° LiveLive ActionAction Video Production for Dome, Goggles, and Large XXL Hi-ResolutionHi-Resolution Displays.Displays.

Why Choose Avocado360 for 360° Video Production?

Industry Leaders in 360° Video

Avocado360 is a pioneer in 360° video production, offering comprehensive in-house services from story development to final distribution.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We produce 360° content up to 16K resolution at 60 FPS, utilizing both ground and drone footage. Our use of binaural sound creates truly immersive experiences.

Versatile Platform Compatibility

Our 360° videos are perfect for dome projections, VR goggles, and large XXL hi-resolution displays, ensuring broad audience reach.

Proven Excellence

With a track record of high-quality, immersive storytelling, Avocado360 stands out as a top choice for 360° video production. Our esteemed clients include UBS, Swiss Air Lines, Swisstourisme, Planetarium Luzern, Sunrise, and Beond Gravity.

Client-Focused Service

We prioritize your vision, working closely with you to create content that exceeds expectations.


Choose Avocado360 for expert 360° video production, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional, immersive content.