NANNEN Preis 2018


The Nannen Prize honors outstanding work in German-language journalism. Authors in print and digital as well as photographers are honored. In 1977, the founder of the stern, Henri Nannen, donated the Egon Erwin Kisch Prize. With this award, the magazine honored the best reports in the German-language press every year for 30 years. From 2005 on, the Egon Erwin Kisch Prize was included in the Henri Nannen Prize.

We are honored to be the winners in this circle of the best with our project “In icy depths”. Our award in the category “Web Project” is particularly valuable because very different disciplines must be perfectly coordinated. In a successful web project, text, photography, sound, video, and sometimes also graphics and maps merge seamlessly. It uses the multimedia possibilities to tell a story authentically and informatively, and we have fulfilled this 100%. Klaus Brinkbäumer is the editor-in-chief of Spiegel and considered our project to be the best which he told in front of the entire audience.

The production

The story was written by Dominik Osswald supported by Olli Christe. Photography, 360 degrees video and 360 degrees panoramas, as well as the 360 degrees drone shots, are the responsibility of the avocado360 team, Urs Wyss, and Christian Mülhauser. Support in the area of app and programming came from our partner Ateo, responsible for the Tagesanzeiger K. Manz and M. Brupbacher.