UBS 360-degree VR Video, Asset Management Switzerland

“Experience sustainability from a new perspective“

For UBS Switzerland we produced a 360-degree VR video with the topic “Sustainability from a new perspective”. In order to visualize this topic, together with the UBS team, we have chosen the Tropenhaus in Fruttigen as an example. The tropical house meets all requirements when it comes to sustainability.

During the construction of the Simplon tunnel, hot springs were tapped, but this warm water cannot be led directly into the Kander and must be cooled beforehand. This task is carried out by the tropical house, which removes the heat from the water to warm the fish tanks with the sturgeon. Even the tropical garden is kept at the temperature with the energized energy. This is how exotic fruits and different plants grow in the tropical house. The cooled water can now be fed without problems to the Kander.

The implementation

The script was developed by Christian and implemented according to the internal UBS requirements. The air scenes were filmed with the big drone and the 360-degree gimbal. At the bottom, we used our 5 small video cameras and for the underwater shots a special VR underwater camera. Four 360-degree scenes were cut into a 60-second video with spatial sound (360-degree sound)  and translated into several languages. Parallel to the 360-degree video, we produced a 2D trail to promote the 360-degree video.


  • The video was published on Facebook and on YouTube
  • For events and fairs at the exhibition stand with the 2D video as a teaser and the Samsung VR Gear with the ateo App.

  • Internal training and presentations.