Virtual Reality Recruitment and Onboarding Takes Hiring to a New Dimension

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One of the hottest trends in the tech world right now is the use of VR and AR technology for just about everything from healthcare to video gaming. For the HR and recruiting industry, this trending technology is nothing new. In recent years, companies across the board (including the U.S. Navy, General Mills, and Jaguar) have developed VR experiences to support their recruiting and onboarding efforts. This method of finding talent is expected to continue to grow as, for example, travel continues to be restricted and companies need to find new and interesting ways around this.

If you’re interested in creating a VR experience to boost your recruiting and onboarding efforts, you’ve come to the right place.

What is virtual reality recruitment or onboarding?

Virtual reality recruiting, or VR onboarding is a way to use virtual reality to attract potential candidates to work for a company or organization. It provides a more realistic and immersive look at a company or place and can help people get a better idea of what it would be like to join there or how to get around on the first day of work.

We believe Virtual reality recruitment and onboarding is more than a trend

Given the rapid rise and widespread adoption of virtual reality software, you might think it’s just a fad. Based on what we’ve seen over the past two years, this couldn’t be further from the truth. VR technology is being used at an exponential rate. Virtual recruiting and onboarding expand the geographic range of talent you can target. It allows you to highly personalize recruiting and onboarding. And it opens up a new set of tools for communicating your culture and building engagement.

360° Kamera mit Fotograf bei den Aufnahmen eines 360° Panorama Fotos in einem Foyer bei der EMPA in Dübendorf

VR Office tours

There’s no better way to showcase your company culture than with a video. Take that video one step further and use virtual reality to walk people through your office and what a day in the life of one of your employees looks like.

Incorporating VR as a means to show what it’s like to work for your company allows potential applicants to have a personalized and free-flowing way to explore your employer brand.

Think of it as a sort of choose-your-own-adventure game. Upon putting on the headset, the potential applicant can take a virtual walk through the office to see some of the employee perks like the lunch spread or meditation room. They may happen upon an employee or two who provides a testimonial of what they love about working for the company. They could bump into the CEO who gives a quick explanation about the company’s values and mission.

Stand out from the crowd

Hopefully, by now you have a great starting point in implementing virtual reality recruiting as a new strategy for your organization. You’re bound to see a boost to your talent sourcing that will help elevate your employer brand to the next level.