The 360° VR tour of the NEST research and innovation building.

NEST is the modular research and innovation building of the Swiss research institutes Empa | Eawag

NEST was opened in 2016 and is located on the Empa campus in Dübendorf. More than 150 partners from research, industry and the public sector work closely together in NEST.

The launch of the NEST-Tour is a step towards closing the gap between the research lab and the market. To fill this gap, Avocado360 and Ateo have planned, filmed, photographed, designed and programmed this tour together with the people responsible from NEST. We have built the VR Tour in a modular way. It includes several units, each of which consists of a separate tour. Due to the large amount of panoramas (over 50) and data in the form of photos, PDF’s, infographics and videos, this was the solution to easily use the tour from cell phone to desktop. The modular structure supports the easy integration of the new units to be built in the future.

Intuitive VR experience

This tour is open to a mixed audience, so it is important that the operation of the tour is intuitive. The VR Tour finds its interested parties from the simple builder to the craftsman to the student to the research and the economy. Each of the units therefore includes a number of hotspots that are equipped with the relevant information. The entire tour incl. the videos is multilingual, at the moment DE/EN but can be extended at any time. The special thing about the tour is also the design, from the hotspots, fonts to the different icons that are adapted to the website of the NEST.

Avocado360 was mainly responsible for the visual part, panorama photos, interview videos, drone footage, photography and the 360° videos.

In addition to project implementation, Ateo were responsible for programming and technical support. The project was developed for the desk-top, tablets and mobile phones.