Fulldome Festival SAINT-MICHEL

We’re thrilled to share that our fulldome masterpiece, EXPERIENCE SWITZERLAND, was not only a sensation at this year’s Brno 23 Film Festival but is also gearing up for a grand presentation at the esteemed Fulldome Festival at Centre d’Astronomie, SAINT-MICHEL L’OBSERVATOIRE, France from 15-16 September 2023.

Being handpicked as one of only ten films for such a grand event speaks volumes. This marks our second illustrious festival outing this year, a feat we proudly wear.

🎥 Here’s a spotlight on this year’s featured films:
  • Starmap: Journey to the Invisible Universe
  • Our Dynamic Earth
  • Experience Switzerland
  • GranPa and Zoé: Mission Lumière
  • Le Petit Major Tom
  • -22.7°: A Fulldome Odyssey
  • Légendes du ciel nordique
  • Noisettes: Quest for the Perfect Planet
  • Perdus en mer: Navigating the Astronomical Tales
  • The First Glimpse of a Black Hole

The upcoming festival fills us with anticipation! A heartfelt thank you to our community for your unwavering support. With Avocado360’s rising prominence in the world of fulldome cinema, we’re crafting our next live-action project. Stay tuned for more insights.

🎥 Special Highlight: Beyond festival circuits, immerse yourself in “EXPERIENCE SWITZERLAND” at the Planetarium of the Swiss Museum of Transport – Planetarium des Verkehrshauses der Schweiz.

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