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Avocado360's Stellar Journey Continues! After captivating audiences at the Brno 23 Film Festival, our fulldome marvel, ExperienceSwitzerland, is set to shine at the distinguished Fulldome Festival in

Do you remember your first visit to a planetarium? If so, you probably saw a projection of the night sky, the universe with its planets and suns ! The incredible thing about the technology is that you

Spectacular, grandiose, and unique. This is how the Grandhotel Giessbach and the Giessbach Falls near Brienz have been presenting themselves for almost 150 years. We were impressed by this incredible

Dada Ante Portas meets Avocado360 During the Covid period it was very hard for the artists, no gigs, no audience. Dada Ante Portas had a brilliant idea and created a wonderful video: made at home !!!

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