Grandhotel Giessbach

The purpose of the video was to present the hotel entertainingly so that people would want to visit it themselves.

We filmed the whole video with the Inspire 2 Professional with the ZENMUSE X7 camera. Something different, but the quality of the footage is spectacular. We mounted the drone on the slider of the tripods or rode it with the electric bike through the hotel.

Like a flight from the arrival by boat through the hotel to the room and breakfast. We staged the scenes so that they took place at the right moment in the right place, the timing was very important. Such a beautiful hotel does not need detailed explanations, such a place has to be visited to be experienced. That’s why the film was meant as a teaser, you can get an idea of the exceptional environment of the historic hotel, and the pictures give enough information.

historic interior with comfortable armchairs and grand piano in the background

RESPONSIBLE: Mark von Weissenfluh

DIRECTOR:  Christian Mülhauser | Urs Wyss

PRODUCTION:  Avocado360

DOP | DRONE PILOT: Christian Mülhauser

PRODUCER: Anush Amirkhanian

DATE: July 2018

DELIVERABLES:  4K Video for Website and YOU TUBE

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