Exploring New Realities: Unleashing the Power of 360° Video with Avocado360 on the Apple Vision Pro

apple vision pro
Urs waring the new Apple Vision Pro for testing


The new goggles from Apple marks a significant milestone in our journey at Avocado360, as I had the opportunity to test the groundbreaking Apple Vision Pro. Facilitated by our esteemed partner Sebastian Tobler from Ateo experts in VR, AR, and XR, the experience was nothing short of transformative.

Experiencing 360° Video Like Never Before:

The anticipation was palpable as we explored how our live-action 360 films performed on this innovative device, particularly our latest project for UBS. Thanks to invaluable insights from Xiaoyu Hou, we could display our 360° film with unprecedented quality on the Vision Pro without any significant effort.

Technical Brilliance on Display:

Imagine experiencing our films, which can go up to 14K resolution, in their full glory on the Vision Pro’s sharp OLED displays, boasting 23 million pixels—ensuring not a single pixel is visible. The bitrate is meticulously optimized, allowing even the most dynamic scenes to play back without delays. Our films run at 60fps, providing a judder-free video experience that places you right in the middle of the action.

Ready to Deliver Exceptional Immersive Experiences: At Avocado360, we are now more than equipped to provide not just top-tier 180°3D videos but preferably immersive 360° VR experiences tailored for the Apple Vision Pro. If you are aiming to captivate your audience with extraordinary live-action 360 video content, look no further.

Conclusion: The team at Avocado360 is excited to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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