The Swiss Vacation Day by Swiss Tourisme

Grand Train Tour. B2B-360VR by swiss Tourisme

Attendees at the Swiss Vacation Day hail from various sectors, including:

  • Regional and destination representatives
  • Umbrella organizations and educational institutions
  • Professionals from the transportation, accommodation, gastronomy, culture, sports, and leisure industries
  • Commercial providers offering a wide range of tourist products and services
  • Figures from national and regional politics and economics
  • Switzerland Tourism’s markets and headquarters

Swiss Tourism, a shining example of harnessing the potential of 360 VR videos for B2B success, has masterfully integrated this technology into its annual Vacation Day event. This strategic move allows them to showcase their 360°Videos of the Grand Tour of Switzerland and the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland to holiday buyers from around the world. Through immersive experiences, these videos transport potential clients deep into Switzerland’s captivating landscapes, igniting their curiosity to explore further.

The Link to, where you can find excellent samples of 360°Videos.  

All the 360VR Videos filmed and produced by Christian Mülhauser assisted by Urs Wyss@Avocado360 

The Swiss Vacation Days 2024

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